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Preparation of the parts

Why is it so important to prepare the parts before painting?

This is the expertise of Peinture Alro to ensure maximum adhesion and resistance.

The experience that makes the difference!

Part preparation is an important step for your electrostatic powder coating projects. Whether it is to clean used parts by removing rust and scale or to prepare new metals, the preparation of parts remains essential. This step is essential in order to increase the adhesion and the long-term resistance of the paint and the finish.  

Depending on the nature of your parts and their use, our team offers 2 techniques:Manual sandblasting or chemical washing. Sandblasting is often used for stronger metals such as steel and for washing used parts. However, the choice of chemical washing is necessary for certain metals such as aluminum and more fragile parts. 

Preparing the parts is the secret to an ultra-resistant paint with an impeccable finish. 

We can assure you that whatever your surface preparation needs, Alro Paint will meet your requirements, in compliance with the standards in force. Our experienced team offers unparalleled fast and quality service. 

The preparation of the parts, the solution for a perfect finish


Ideal for the preparation of steel, stainless steel or galvanized parts as well as for parts intended for outdoor use. Sandblasting offers deep cleaning and polishing of your parts before applying powder paint, guaranteeing you a perfect finish. 

Sandblasting requires thoroughness and precision and at Peinture Alro we have had the know-how for over 23 years. 

Chemical washing

The chemical washing technique also called architectural washing is used for non-ferrous metal parts, architectural projects. By entrusting us with your projects, you are assured that all your projects will comply with the AAMA 2603 and 2604 standards in force. In addition, our 5-step process guarantees excellent results in the salt spray test, i.e. 4000 hours.


Contact us to discuss your projects. 

Did you know ...

Powder coating gives your parts an exceptional finish and resistance.

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